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Hawaii Wedding License—Processes and FAQs

What are the necessities to get married in Hawaii?

Without being a US citizen or resident of Hawaii, a couple can still get married in Hawaii, just by getting the marriage license in Hawaii. In addition to that, as implementation of The Marriage Equality Act, any couple of any gender can get the permission of getting married in any of the Hawaiian Islands after getting the wedding license. But the real problem lies in, being eligible to apply for the Hawaii wedding license. The major Hawaii wedding license requirements are—

  •  If both the members of the couple are at a minimum age of 18, then the couple gets the permission of the wedding in Hawaii. Else, each of the members must obtain written permission from both parents, legal guardian, or from the family court. Consent forms are to be given to the couple by a marriage license agent.
  •   If any of the members of the couple is 18 years old or younger, he or she must provide a certified copy of your birth certificate.
  •   If any of the members of the couple is 19 years old or older, he or she must provide a valid Identity Card or driving license as proof of his or her age.
  • If any of the members of the couple have been previously married, he or she must have a valid proof of his or her divorce decree or a death certificate of his or her earlier partner to present to the marriage license agent by the applicant if the divorce or death was final within 30 days of applying for a marriage license.
  •  Although blood tests are not essential in Hawaiian wedding, the blood relationship between the two members of the couple cannot be closer than first cousins. 

 What is the process of civil marriage in Hawaii?

Affordable non-religious marriage ceremonies with civil unions are performed in civil marriages of Hawaii by the State of Hawaii Judges who are licensed and commissioned. Civil marriages can also be organized outside the court in sites of the couple’s choice. But in that case, one must be aware of the necessary permissions that are to be taken for using such sites for marriage, as there is the enforcement of the Park Permit Laws not only by the City but also by the State. There are lots of online sites available who can give people a fair idea of the permit laws.

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Is there a requirement of witnesses in Hawaiian marriages?

In marriages that are held in Hawaii, the presence of witnesses is just a tradition, not a necessity anymore. This is because the officiant conducting the marriage also serves as a witness.

By what time can a couple get the marriage license in Hawaii?

Firstly, one must complete a marriage license application form. This form is to be submitted either online or offline. If one chooses to submit it offline, a hard copy of this filled up application form is to be given to a marriage license agent. A list of license agents has been provided on the Hawaii Department of Health web site. The application fee is $65, which can be paid through online payment modes like PayPal, or offline mode. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days in the Hawaiian state following to the issuance of your approval. After that, there is no waiting period to get married.

Are UK citizens capable of getting married in Hawaii?

For UK residents, they can marry in the State of Hawaii provided they have the appropriate documentation and that is nothing but a complete marriage license application with a valid 10-year passport. Both the members of the couple are needed to be present before the marriage license agent in order to obtain the license. The availability and allocation of marriage license agents are often included in the popular Hawaii wedding packages.

Although the marriage will be legal in the UK, as it will have been performed under the State of Hawaii marriage laws, the marriage cannot be registered in the UK, unless one member of the couple is a serving member of or is linked to the British Armed Forces at the time of the marriage. This matter should be conversed with the Forces prior to the marriage taking place.


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